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26 May 2009 @ 10:49 pm
J-web Directory  
J-web directory
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2009-01-01 New Year’s day here
2009-01-02 Maru went to Akihabara on New year’s day so he won’t feel alone here
2009-02-03 Maru buys a new stone and compares it to Juressic Park here
2009-02-05 Short entry about "Janiben" filming here
2009-02-06 Maru buys another stone and "Uta no onii-san" and "Recommen" recording here
2009-02-07 "Uta no onii-san" talk and Maru's first time being on a cover without the rest of 8 here
2009-02-08 Short entry about an interview with the Myojo magazine with "change" as a theme here
2009-02-09 About the goal to lose weight here
2009-02-10 Regular visits to the chiropractor, the nickname he got there and “Uta no onii-san” filming here
2009-02-11 Can!jani filming with Ryo here
2009-02-12 Ariehen Sekai and little health issues here
2009-02-13 [1] Uta no onii-san and Maru “interrupting” recomen here
2009-02-13 [2] Uta no onii-san and Valentine’s day here
2009-02-15 Uta no onii-san filming here
2009-02-16 Maru is impressed by people who know various languages here
2009-02-17 Uta no onii-san filming here
2009-02-18 Day full of Interviews here
2009-02-19 Janiben filming here
2009-05-19 Short entry about an interview with the Myojo magazine about the theme "change" here
2009-05-20 "Janiben" recording and the problem with finding mask during the swine-flue here
2009-05-21 Ariehen Sekai recording here
2009-05-22 Maru overslept and has to hurry to arrive in time for some Can!jani filming with Hina here
2009-05-23 "Murakami Shingo no Shuukan! Kanjani tsuushin" recording with some members and visiting a KAT-TUN concert afterwards here
2009-05-24 First Sendai concert here
2009-05-25 Second Sendai concert and telling scary stories with the Kansai Jrs. here
2009-05-26 Visiting a Shinto shrine and going out to eat here
2009-05-27 Maru talking with a shop assistant about funny episodes with Maru’s dad here
2009-05-28 Kanjimi3 Can!jani recording and their rules while being on location here
2009-05-29 Visting the beauty spa and a café to refresh himself here
2009-05-30 Buying donuts here
2009-05-31 Maru nearly comes to late to work because of eating here
2009-06-01 Short entry about the Tokyo Dome rehearsals here
2009-06-02 Stories from what happens in the Kanjani8 dressing room here
2009-06-03 Short entry about the Tokyo Dome concert here
2009-06-04 Can!jani recording with Hina here
2009-06-05 Thoughts on marriage and Ai no Shurabara recording here
2009-06-06 Maru realized he talks a lot about food and flight to Kumamoto here
2009-06-07 Hina and Maru became lords of the Kumamoto castle here
2009-06-08 Second concert in Kumamoto here
2009-06-09 Maru writes from the airport in Paris and is on his way to Venice here
2009-06-10 Day in Venice here
2009-06-11 On his way from Venice to Denmark here
2009-06-12 First day in Sweden and playing with Kindergarten children here
2009-06-13 About food in Denmark here
2009-06-14 Arrival in Japan here
2009-06-15 Visited Kato Shigeaki’s stage play here
2009-06-16 Meal with Hina here
2009-06-17 JaniBen and Kikujani recording here
2009-06-18 Ariehen recording here
2009-06-19 Bara filming and eating with Juniors here
2009-06-20 Can!jani recording here
2009-06-21 First day in Hokkaido here
2009-06-22 The way of the Sea of the North (part 1) here
2009-06-22 The way of the Sea of the North (part 2) here
2009-06-23 not translated yet here
2009-06-24 Getting a message and meeting old friends here
2009-06-25 Buying anime DVDs here
2009-06-26 Meeting his mother here
2009-06-27 Day before Oita-concerts here
2009-06-28 Oita-concert here
2009-06-29 We are Kanjani8 here
Doci ~ I am not obsessed I am just full of passiond0ci on May 26th, 2009 09:18 pm (UTC)
good Idea!
credit directory idea: dr_p <- ..ne schwachsinn XDDDDDD
Aber ich glaub dat is wirklich angebracht...aber immer schln pflegen..ich hab erst gestern wieder einträge für 2 Monate eingetragen..XD
ミッキ: マル♥ babycinnamonstarr on May 27th, 2009 02:11 pm (UTC)
Ich weiß schon, war ganz allein meine Idee :DDD!!!
Nein, die Idee war wirklich nicht schlecht & ist sicher super nützlich <3
Aber Arbeit es geupdated zu halten wird es haha XD
saraufcsaraufc on November 11th, 2009 07:48 pm (UTC)
Im sorry for asking it here, but I dont know where else to ask..
Im looking for Wanshan Rompin translation, Im almost sure I saw it on this comm, but its not on the tags and Im having a hard time finding it again, would you please help me find it if you can? Thank you!
saraufcsaraufc on November 11th, 2009 07:52 pm (UTC)
Found it! Sorry for asking T_T